What are rewards?

You can collect points and use them to get special rewards for yourself! You can find the list of rewards from the dropdown-menu under Activities.

In this example there's only one reward: a movie ticket.

On the information of the reward (star symbol) you can see that this reward would need 10 points so you can claim it to yourself. 

On the top of the page you can see collected score (amount of points you have collected in total) and score available (amount of points you can use for rewards now).

Claimed rewards-button allows you to view rewards you have purchased with your points and use them as you wish.

Click read more to read more about available reward and claim it to yourself if you wish.

Claim reward

After klicking read more-button you will get this kind of view of the reward you're interested in. When you have enough points, you can klick claim-button to purchase this reward to yourself.

Now you're free to use the reward!