Adding translations



The translations are accessible throuth the Translations admin too. It can be found on the content management system.

Translating text

If you there click on 'missing words list' and [Apply] you'll get a list of all the text strings that are currently lacking CZ (note that we have filtered checzh words here) translation. Make sure you have the Language - select set to preferred language.
Clicking on the translation text you can change each of the translations. Hit Enter to save changes.

To find a specific text, instead of 'missing words list' choose all text strings. Enter the word you wish to translate into the keyword field. You can also only enter a part of the word / phrase and use % as a wildcard, for example login% will give you all text strings that start with 'login'


On the front page we have a button reading 'signup'. This is not exactly right even for English but it is a 'string' and for the English version we'd have translation reading 'sign up'.

When you search for keyword 'signup', you'll get this view.
Again click to change the translation, enter to save!