Logging visits

Logging visits

You can log visits either to a location (eg. youth house) or activity. You will find the links from acitivites-page.

Read more about both options from their own pages.

Checklist for logging visits:

    1. Is there a fixed scanning device available (a computer with web camera, optionally also a barcode scanner)?
    2. Is there personnel who can scan visits with their mobile devices?
    3. Can you put a printed location-QR code on display for user-initiated visit logging (the visitors scan the location code)?

Reading QR code or barcode

You can easily read QR code (or barcode) from the Youth card with your own phone, tablet or computer. Just open QR scanner or barcode scanner of the location or activity you'd like to log visit to. Show the code to the camera and it will automatically scan the visit to the statistics.

You can switch the camera from cameras-list.

Logging visits manually

If you can't scan the QR code for some reason, you can also log visit to a user by choosing their account from the list.

Go to the QR reader or barcode reader of location or activity and click Log visits. A list of users will appear and you can choose to log visits to invidual users.