User Management

Content management

You will get to user management section by selecting the wheel-symbol on the right top corner and choosing "Adminstration" you will get to content management view. Choose "User accounts" to manage user profiles.

groups and users

The first "tree view" shows you all the groups and users who belong the groups. 

user list

On the page user list you can search different users, edit their information and create new accounts.

Read more about user list from the unit "user list" of this manual

user groups

User groups are used to give access to different privileges. You can also view all the users in the group and edit their information.

Read more about user groups from the unit "user groups" of this manual.


Benefits can be used to give some sort of benefit to a group or user. They could be for example free access to swimming hall or gym. 

Read more about benefits from the unit "benefits" of this manual.


Summary shows you some basic statistics of the use of the website.