User list


User list

User list-page allows you to create accounts, search for users and edit their groups and access.

The list will show you latest logins. Information is divided into different columns:

Last name
First name
User name - some users might have selected themselves a username instead of using their real name
E-mail address - allows you to contact users and see which email they've used for registering
Last login - search for users logged in at specific period
Groups - In which groups does the user have access. Groups define what they can do on the site
Status & options - Search for users based on theis status (activated, not activated...)

You can also edit and delete users here.

searhing for user accounts

Just fill in the information you have to search-fields and the page will automatically show you if there are users that match with the search.

create account

You can create a new account by simply filling in the basic information. Activitation link will be sent to the users email.


User groups define, what the user can or can not do on the page. You can add users to the group by going to edit their account and simply add groups to the user.

Content editors can edit content, but not create new pages or delete them.
Registeder users are basic users, who can search for activities, join them and edit their own info.
Technical administrators have access to all activities, locations and they can also manage users.
Youth Card administrators can scan users to locations & activities, create & edit activities, view statistics and edit location information.
Youth Work organisations are organisation-level users. They can create & edit activities, scan users, view statistics and edit their organisation info.


You can give users benefits that are shown in the Youth card when viewing it. Benefits can be valid in a spesific period and they will disappear automatically after their expiration day.

Benefits can be also added to entire user group. Read more about benefits from unit "benefits".